Starter X-plosive Watermelon

Enjoy the fresh taste of watermelon as it tickles your taste buds! Explosively juicy with just a hint of sourness, this drink has summer written all over it – but is perfect all year round! And like all Starter drinks, it is fizzing with energy.

100ml of product contains on average

176,4 kJ (42kcal)
0 g
Of which saturates
0 g
10,5 g
Of which sugars
10,5 g
0 g
0 g
Vitamin C
24,0 mg (30%)
4,8 mg (30%)
Pantothenic acid
1,8 mg (30%)
Vitamin B6
0,42 mg (30%)
Vitamin B2
0,42 mg (30%)

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    1. The campaign (hereafter referred to as the Campaign) is a consumer game running from 1 May-30 September 2022 which is being organised by AS Liviko, Masina 11, 10144 Tallinn (hereafter referred to as the Campaign Organiser).
    2. The procedure for the conducting of the Campaign has been established by the Campaign Organiser in accordance with these terms and conditions. All decisions made by the Campaign Organiser in the course of running the Campaign are final and binding on all of the participants in the Campaign. Any disputes arising from the Campaign shall be resolved in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.
    3. The Campaign is open to Estonian residents of at least 16 years of age. The Campaign is not open to employees of AS Selver or AS Liviko or their family members.
    4. In order to take part in the Campaign, a consumer must purchase any Starter energy drink from a store during the Campaign period (1 May-30 September 2022) and register their receipt on the Starter website ( Only those who register with all fields filled in correctly shall be entered in the prize draw. Note: Retain your receipt as proof of purchase.
    5. Participants can only register to take part in the Campaign once per receipt.
    6. The time on the receipt used to register for the Campaign must be earlier than the Campaign’s registration deadline. Receipts dated 1 May 2022 or later are eligible to take part in the Campaign.
    7. From among those registered, the Campaign Organiser shall draw as prizes:
      5 x Tahe Outdoors Balance 11’0’’ SUP board
      5 x Mogul Skate longboard
      Starter energy merch
      Starter energy drinks
    8. Prize draws shall be held each week; Playstation winners shall be drawn once a month. All receipts with details (hereafter referred to as Data) correctly filled in by participants and registered on the official website ( between 00:00 on 1 May 2022 and 23:59 on 30 September 2022 shall be entered in the prize draw.
    9. The original receipt must be presented upon claiming a prize.
    10. The names of the winners shall be published on the page and on the Starter Facebook and Instagram pages @starterenergy. The winners shall be contacted personally within three working days of a draw in order to claim their prize. The Campaign Organiser shall issue the prizes within one month of notifying the winners.
    11. Each prize shall be issued to the individual who won it in the draw (or to their authorised representative) upon presentation of personal ID. Prizes won by individuals with restricted (or without any) active legal capacity shall be issued to their legal representative. The prizes can be claimed from the Liviko AS Cash&Carry store at Lastekodu 45 in Tallinn between 10:00 and 18:00 Monday-Friday.
    12. The Campaign Organiser shall guarantee the issuing of prizes until 1 November 2022. If a winner has not been able to be contacted by this time through the fault of the winner or the winner has not provided the correct Data and/or receipt, the winner’s right to the prize shall be invalidated.
    13. The Campaign Organiser has the right to check the authenticity of receipts submitted as confirmation of the purchase of campaign products. A receipt shall be deemed incompatible with these rules and invalid in terms of winning the prize if it was obtained by dishonest means, falsified, copied or modified, defaced or distorted in any other way that is not permissible.
    14. The prizes won by participants in the course of the Campaign shall not be exchanged for other prizes at the request of the winner or paid out as a cash equivalent. Any transport or other costs incurred by a winner or their representative in claiming a prize shall not be compensated.
    15. Taking part in the campaign shall be read as granting consent to the Campaign Organiser to use the winner’s name on Starter social media and at events without paying any additional fees to the winner or entering into an agreement in this regard.
    16. The Campaign Organiser shall not be liable for any costs or damage that may be incurred by the winners and/or users of the prizes in the use of the prizes. Nor shall the Campaign Organiser be liable for any damage caused to third parties by the winners and/or users of the prizes in the use of the prizes.
    17. In the event of a participant in the Campaign disregarding the terms and conditions of the Campaign or providing false or inaccurate Data about themselves to the Campaign Organiser, as well as in the event of other failures, including if the Campaign Organiser is unable to contact a winner (unless this is through the fault of the Campaign Organiser), the Campaign Organiser shall not be liable for participants in the Campaign being excluded from prize draws or from claiming prizes.
    18. The Campaign Organiser has the unilateral right to call a halt to the Campaign and to terminate the issuing of prizes in the event that the rules are broken or upon the emergence of circumstances of force majeureby informing the participants in the Campaign of this immediately via the mass media.
    19. Any and all complaints regarding the organisation and/or conducting of the Campaign must be submitted to the Campaign Organiser in writing by 1 November 2022, addressed to AS Liviko, Masina 11, 10144 Tallinn or e-mailed to and marked ‘STARTER SUVEKAMPAANIA’. The postmark shall serve as proof of submission prior to the deadline. Complaints must include the first name and surname of the participant, their exact address and a detailed description of the shortcomings or reasons behind their complaint.
    20. The Campaign Organiser shall review complaints within seven working days of their receipt and inform the individual who submitted the complaint of their decision in writing by sending it to the address marked in the complaint.